Our Guards

Infinity Security Group understands the importance of providing the same personnel to fulfil client’s standard shifts each week. Infinity Security Group is consistent with this and also ensures new staff are properly inducted to the relevant site prior to performing their first shift at the facility. Our management will liaise with the client to ascertain the process by which they would prefer to induct new personnel.

Ongoing staff training is integral to fulfilling client and company expectations and ensuring we maintain our reputation for outstanding, professional services.

All of our staff have been trained and have certificates in the following;

  • Certificate in Security Operations
  • Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA)
  • First Aid Certificate

Ongoing personnel training includes: security licensing requirements and any specific certificates or training required by venue if necessary. Some of these specific certificates consist of:

  • Privacy course for ID scanners
  • Responsible Service of Gambling
  • White Card

In addition, ongoing training is provided to all guards at Infinity Security Group so that our guards have the knowledge on how to implement the right procedure for any situation that may occur at any site or venue.

Where uniforms are concerned, Infinity Security Group insists on the highest standards. We ensure that our staff present in a highly professional manner appropriate with representing both Infinity Security Group and our clients. These standards are also monitored by our patrol managers.